Success stories

At Colinas de San Luis, we know the sales pitch is only as good as the commitment that backs it. The real story comes from the facts on the ground, the business relationships that develop and the reputation you build after thirty years' experience in real-world solutions, intelligence by design, and customers who come back to you, time after time.

Lintel is just getting started at Colinas de San Luis, but we've already racked up some great successes. Read on.

  • Top 10 Best Economic Potential
    Rank Name of Zone Country
    1 San Luis Potosi México
    2 Industrial Estates of Thailand Thailand
    3 Jebel Ali Free Zone UAE
    4 Chittagong Export Processing Zone Bangladesh
    5 Jubail Industrial City II Saudi Arabia
    6 Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate Thailand
    7 Clark Freeport Philippines
    8 Aqaba Special Economic Zone Jordan
    9 Jazan Economic City Saudi Arabia
    10 Masan Free Trade Zone South Korea
    10 Rakia Industrial Zone UAE
    Top 10 Best Cost Effectiveness
    Rank Name of Zone Country
    1 Clark Freeport Philippines
    2 Togo Export Processing Zone Togo
    3 Chittagong Export Processing Zone Bangladesh
    4 Free Port of Ventspills Latvia
    5 International Media Production Zone UAE
    6 Rezekne Special Economic Zone Latvia
    7 San Luis Potosi Mexico
    8 Mauritius Freeport Mauritius
    9 Industrial Estates Thailand
    10 Starachowice Special Economic Zone Poland
    Source: Global Outlook - Global Free Zones of the Future 2010/11
  • Opportunity overflow
    San Luis Potosí is ready to work

    A recent press announcement that an unnamed "Japanese company" had bought property at Colinas de San Luis provoked a mini-employment boom: more than seventy prospective workers, enthused by work located so close to home, showed up at compound gates to hand in employment applications and investigate opportunities-weeks before any jobs were formally posted.

    An empty lot-for added value
    The thinking at Colinas means protecting client investments

    The Colinas de San Luis site was chosen specifically to leverage a low-relief topography and soils that are ideal for industrial development. The conditions prevail throughout the site... except around one small rise... but we bought it anyway. Why? To complete the "buffer zone" that surrounds the entire compound and protect your property/infrastructure investment. The lot will stay vacant until ultimately developed as Colinas-focused retail or some other park amenity.

    Thinking Big
    Client purchases bigger than even we imagined

    Flexibility is standard at Colinas de San Luis and customers can purchase single lots, build with their own contractors or even partner with Lintel for "one-stop-shop" solutions, all featuring the Lintelligence thinking that influences everything from siting to infrastructure to amenities. Yet even we were (happily) surprised to see our first clients purchase extra-large lots. Intelligent Colinas advan- tages were an incentive for long-term investment they didn't want to miss.

  • The Lintelligent way
    You've done the heavy thinking.
    Now tap Lintel for the heavy lifting

    Many of our most successful clients choose to leverage the Colinas de San Luis connection to Lintel-one of Mexico's most highly regarded design-build players-to get the most out of the "Lintelligent" approach to their projects.
    Lintel's think-design-build partnerships support clients in everything from site-selection and custom- designed engineering systems to construction, permitting, maintenance and management, taking advantage of local know-how and over thirty years of team building. It translates into lower bottom-line, more motivated workforces and a long-term partnership for future success.

    Don't take our word for it
    San Luis Potosí in the global business spotlight

    Lintel and Colinas de San Luis were among the first to think about San Luis Potosí's numerous business advantages. But don't just believe us: go to our website to see reports like the World Bank's "Doing Business in Mexico 2012" and Financial Times FDI magazine's "American Cities of the Future" that praise SLP's investments for future growth and the ease of doing business there. Experts put us in the same class as places like Shanghai and Dubai. Also, discover why SLP's autonomous state university rates as on of Latin America's very best.